Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lion Outdoor take "Running Shoes made of Bra" to ISPO

Recently, Fujian Lion Brand Outdoor Products Co. bring "Running Shoes made of Bra" to ISPO BEIJING 2016 12th Asian sporting goods and fashion show.

According to reports, this pair of "Running Shoes made of Bra" the real name of "run following the wind" health shoes, bra material it uses to for heel parts, matched with fly-knit fabric uppers. In addition, the soles of running shoes, but also according to ergonomic design, the lower the hardness difference, on the one hand to meet the comfort insoles foot focus, the other is satisfied outsole durability Floor, play a cushioning , rebound, wear effect; and a running shoe uppers, the use of lightweight and durable stretch fabric, both flexible parcel, enjoy the ultimate breathability.

"Moon suit design is completed by a bra production specialists, we thus get inspiration bold innovation, developed a seamless cut heel design."
said Lion chairman Xu Rongsheng, seamless design is cut heel source since in bra technology, seamlessly integrated throughout the footbed, the foot to form a strong protection, fixed external heel TPU heel design, you can lock the ankle. Meanwhile, even the soles footbed built four millimeters today is the most popular "Ou Suolai" EVA foam insole, effective damping also can play the role of moisture and perspiration, the complete liberation of the feet. Because a high degree of comfort and fit, as if time did not feel the presence of shoes to wear.


Xu Rongsheng According to reports, the shoes after more than a year of research and development was finally released, developers need to integrate shoes, clothing, the latest technology and processes bra three categories, very difficult. "It can be considered the pinnacle my shoes for many years, is also my personal satisfaction, the company has the most scientific and technological content of a running shoe. After the research produced, Lion employees began to repeatedly test experience. Even this year Xiamen international marathon held in the beginning, the staff and I have personally participated in wearing the shoes .40 kilometer race in Malaysia ran down, was originally used to test the health of running shoes and experience, the results put to great use, than in previous years, I wear any pair of running shoes are comfortable and are relaxed. "

In addition, the shoes and the same stage debut, as well as Lion Brand has always been a classic product - outdoor climbing pants stretch series, both functional and fashionable, suitable for many outdoor occasions.

This year's Lion stretch pants, the fabric, the version and capabilities, both being upgraded. According to reports, stretch pants style lotus leaf by water repellent, wind and water stain, while also exporting sweat moisture generated by the movement, with a new-way stretch fabric, making it more suitable for human activities, with the stretch with contraction, light and comfortable, lasting deformation; cutting through the full three-dimensional, you can fully release the tension required for movement.

All along, the lion brand outdoor climbing pants with elastic outdoor main line of products, launched the first stretch pants outdoor outfit centered concept of product life, by starting from the aspect of detail, season, color, and other elements to strengthen the brand in the consumer's memory point, enhance the brand influence. Xu Rongsheng believe that outdoor brands to the increasingly intense market competition, we must have a unique product innovation, and good products, and increased interaction between consumers, for users to create more personalized outdoor sports experience.

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nonwoven Cambrelle Lining with Peanut Shell Emboss

Winiw Shoe Materials supply Nonwoven Cambrelle Lining black color 125gsm with peanut shell which specialized for Brazil market!

Specification of Nonwoven Cambrelle Lining:

Gram Weigth: 125gsm

Width: 145cm, 150cm, or 60" (152.4cm)

Color: Black

Emboss: Peanut Shell

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Leather shoes punch above their weight in Chinese exports

Following its report that Chinese footwear manufacturers exported 10 billion pairs of shoes in 2012, the China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) has now disclosed the number of pairs of leather shoes included in this total.

In a follow-up statement, CLIA said that Chinese companies exported 840 million pairs of shoes with leather uppers last year. This figure represents an 8.3% increase in volume.

While this means that leather shoes had only an 8.4% share of the overall footwear export market, leather shoes’ share of the total value of footwear exports from China last year is much higher, confirming how much added value leather can bring to footwear manufacturers.

Overall, shoe exports brought in revenues of $44.4 billion. Shoes with leather uppers contributed $10.9 billion to this total (a figure that represents a decline of 0.2% compared to the value of leather shoe exports in 2011). So although leather has an 8.4% share of the total volume, in terms of value, its share is 24.5%. The average price per pair of exported shoes of all types was $4.44. The average price per pair of leather shoes was nearly $13.

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Paper Insole Board supplier in China!

Winiw Shoe Materials Co., Ltd is the supplier specialized in shoe materials in China. We supply different quality grade paper insole board with different price, to meet different requirements from customers.

Winiw insole paper board specification as follows:
Thickness: 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.25mm, 1.5mm, 1.75mm, 2.0mm.
Size: 36"*60", 1m*1.5m, or customized.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Winiw International Co., Ltd - Brother company of Winiw Shoe Materials Co., Ltd

Winiw International Co., Ltd is a brother company of Winiw Shoe Materials Co., Ltd.

Winiw International Co., Ltd is devoted to supplying all kinds of microfiber leather with high quality & best price to our customers. Our Leather products include microfiber, microfiber suede leather, PU leather, synthetic leather, imitation leather, car leather, furniture sofa leather, bags leather, shoe leather, clothing leather, etc. With good cooperation leather factories, WINIW can provide you the high quality products and best service!

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Brazil vows to extend footwear anti-dumping measures

A high-profile figure in the Brazilian footwear industry has repeated a claim from the end of 2012 that manufacturers and importers of shoes made in China are using “triangulation” to by-pass anti-dumping measures that Brazil has had in place since 2010.

Speaking at the start of the latest Couromoda exhibition in São Paulo, the president of Brazilian footwear industry association Abicalçados, Milton Cardoso, said a trade surplus of $5 billion that his member companies achieved in the recent past had fallen to $1 billion in 2012 because of the volume of cheap imports still coming into Brazil.

Also at Couromoda, the country’s minister for development, industry and external trade, Alessandro Teixeira, confirmed that the government will work with Abicalçados in 2013 to put anti-dumping measures in place for footwear imports from other countries, mentioning by name Vietnam and Indonesia.

Since 2010, companies seeking to bring Chinese-made shoes into Brazil have had to pay a tariff of $13.85 per pair.

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